Life Force Me

For those fans of Star Wars and anyone else born a while ago you will remember all the hype about  “The Force” and how we all wanted a bit of that in our lives. I’d like to say that my business name “Chi-Me” came about from being a fan of Star Wars but no it was born after a group of my friends and I had guzzled several bottles of champagne trying to come up with a business name when the wind chimes on my balcony played a little tune and the rest, as they say is history !

You will see from the following website that Chi means Life Force or Vital Energy and given that we all want a bit of that we added the Me on the end after playing around with the word Chime  as in Wind for a while – got to love champagne !

Given that I am a Kinesiologist and Reconnective Healer the word Chi has a great deal of significance for me as Kinesiology has it’s roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chiropractic. Reconnective Healing brings energy, light & information to people from the field or life force. We all have energy running through our bodies via meridian channels or around us in our chakra’s and our aura and you will have seen in my post entitled “I am Heart, Therefor I Think” that there is scientific evidence that measures energy by traditional electrical recordings, such things as the electrocardiogram and electroencephalogram, which are now being complemented by biomagnetic recordings, called magnetocardiograms and magnetoencephalograms. Our Aura can be seen in Kirlian photography. There is a lot of other scientific equipment also being used.

So it make sense that if this energy get’s blocked that it cannot provide the maximum amount of Life Force to you so and that’s where Kinesiology and other forms of energy therapy come in. They can locate the blockages and through different means, depending upon the therapy, bring awareness as to whether the issue creating the blockage was physical, mental, emotional, bio-chemical or spiritual and then clear it, so that the maximum amount of Life Force can flow again. That is a simplified way of looking at how complementary therapy can help to empower you to be the best that you can be.

I think Luke may have been on to something when he said “May the Force Be With You”