See How You Can Reverse The Signs of Aging without Surgery or Needles

This amazing product based on Human Stem Cell Technology means that we can all now reverse the signs of aging without having to have surgery, botox or fillers.


Are you searching for a single solution to address all of your aging symptoms?

Well here it is…Cellular Age-Management System (CAMS)

It is a unique and targeted approach to combat premature aging and designed to help you achieve optimal health by working synergistically, with your body via the science of youthful aging. This unique approach addresses your needs on 4 different levels:

  1. Intervene before damage occurs – Telomere Maintenance & Telomerase Induction
  2. Maintain your body’s population of healthy cells – Stem Cell Maintenance & Somatic Cell Regulation
  3. Improve your health & Lifespan through DNA protection – DNA Damage Nuclear & Mitochondrial Free Radical Scavengers
  4. Achieve proper energy flow, production & balance – Calorie Restrictive Mimetics, Mitochondrial Biogenesis & Energetics

The Jeunesse Cellular Age Management System (CAMS) with Dr. Vincent Giampapa from Jeunesse LLC on Vimeo.

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Dr Vincent Giampapa Speaks On Youthful Aging

I am a big fan of Dr Vincent Giampapa and Dr Nathan Newman as they have worked wonders for my skin and I have had more comments on how good I look in the past fortnight then I have all year. I have been using some amazing cutting edge products based on Human Stem Cell Technology & Nutrigenomics that have been developed by these doctors. You can read information on each of doctors and the products on

The Science of Youthful Aging

THE STEM CELL REVOLUTION is a magazine article about the latest in stem cell technology.

In today’s consumer driven society feeling good on the inside and looking great on the outside seem to be intangibly interlinked whether we like it or not. Ego driven? Maybe, but whatever your thoughts there are reasons to take this seriously if it helps people break the cycle of dis-ease and create positive change.

As a complementary therapist I spend a lot of time empowering people to achieve their goals and love seeing someone excited about the change they have made to their lives. Recently I have also seen how people have responded physically, mentally & emotionally when they feel that they look good so I started to do some research on the mind body links around this phenomenon and during that time came across some amazing products based on Human Stem Cell Technology and Nutrigenomics.

Dr Nathan Newman who is featured in The Stem Cell Revolution article has been involved in some amazing work in the field and has also been working with a company called Jeunesse to develop some facial products based on the technology he developed in this youtube video.


Either way, whether you believe in the link between feeling good and looking good, sometimes you just want those crows feet to be gone which is where I was at so I became a distributor for Jeunesse and if you want to learn more about them please visit my website