Are you searching for a single solution to address all of your aging symptoms?

Well here it is…Cellular Age-Management System (CAMS)

It is a unique and targeted approach to combat premature aging and designed to help you achieve optimal health by working synergistically, with your body via the science of youthful aging. This unique approach addresses your needs on 4 different levels:

  1. Intervene before damage occurs – Telomere Maintenance & Telomerase Induction
  2. Maintain your body’s population of healthy cells – Stem Cell Maintenance & Somatic Cell Regulation
  3. Improve your health & Lifespan through DNA protection – DNA Damage Nuclear & Mitochondrial Free Radical Scavengers
  4. Achieve proper energy flow, production & balance – Calorie Restrictive Mimetics, Mitochondrial Biogenesis & Energetics

The Jeunesse Cellular Age Management System (CAMS) with Dr. Vincent Giampapa from Jeunesse LLC on Vimeo.

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A Monday Natter – Knowing your breast lumps

This is a subject close to my heart after several of my friends have endured battles with breast cancer and I now find myself having to go for a mammogram and scan to get a lump checked out. How many women each day go through this stress but find themselves with no knowledge about the subject other than from a cancer perspective. Well ladies, breast lumps don’t have to be as scarey as the words first seem so let’s debunk the myth that breast lump = cancer!  Please pass this information on to every woman that you know and help them become less fearful of what can be a very touchy feely subject (no pun intended) !

There are three kinds of benign breast lumps:

  • Cysts
  • Fibroadenomas
  • Pseudolumps
There is only one type of malignant breast lump :  Breast Cancer


Breast Lumps in Detail:

Breast Cysts:

What is it? This is a harmless (benign) fluid – filled sac of tissue. It can grow right within the breast tissue.What does it feel like? This breast lump will feel smooth and squishy. If you are pressing on a cyst, it will have some give to it, like a water balloon. A cyst can move around and can change in size during your menstrual cycle.

Where is it? Breast cysts can be located near the surface, or deeper inside, close to your chest wall. If the cyst is closer to the surface, it is easy to find and easy to distinguish from other lumps. But if it is deeper inside, it’s more difficult to distinguish it from other kinds of breast lumps, because when you press on it, you’re actually trying to work through layers of breast tissue, which may be dense and firm.

Treatment: Your doctor can help you determine that a lump is a harmless cyst, by doing afine needle aspiration with a syringe. This procedure removes the fluid from inside the cyst, which deflates and most likely will not return.

When does it appear? Commonly appears in women who are in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. They are most often found in women who are nearing menopause.

Does it show up on a mammogram? Yes

Breast Fibroadenomas:

What is it? This is a benign group of cells that support other kinds of cells in your breast. These are made of fibrous and glandular tissues.What does it feel like? This will feel like a round breast lump, and can be hard or firm. It can be moved around during a breast self-exam.

Where is it? These can be located near the surface of the breast and are easily felt.

Treatment: A fibroadenoma can be removed, if needed, with a lumpectomy, a laser ablation,or cryoablation. If there is some doubt about the fibroadenoma, it can biopsied, to make sure that it is harmless.

When does it appear? Usually appears in teens and younger women. May occur during pregnancy. Not common in post-menopausal women.

Does it show up on a mammogram?

Breast Pseudolumps:

What is it? These are benign, and may be scar tissue, hardened silicone, necrotic (dead) fat, or a rib bone pressing into breast tissue and compressing it.

What does it feel like? This kind of breast lump can feel quite hard and usually doesn’t change shape or size during a menstrual cycle. It may or may not be movable, depending on what it is actually composed of.

Where is it? Pseudolumps can be located near the surface, or deeper inside the breast, close to the chest wall.

Treatment: To be sure that a pseudolump is harmless, get a mammogram and ultrasound, and if those are not clear, have a needle biopsy done, so that a tissue sample can be analyzed by a pathologist. If it is bothersome, you can have it surgically removed.

When does it appear? If you’ve previously had breast surgery or enhancement done, or if a rib has shifted, then a pseudolump may occur.

Can Pseudolumps Show up on a Mammogram? Maybe

Breast Cancer:

What is it? A malignant lump that is made of abnormal breast tissue cells, growing in an uncontrolled way.

What does it feel like? A malignant breast lump will have an irregular shape (not round) with a pebbly surface, somewhat like a golf ball. It will be very hard, like a slice of raw carrot. It may not be movable during a breast self-exam, but since tissue around it may move, it’s sometimes hard to know if the lump is moving, or if healthy tissue around it is moving. A clinical breast exam and a mammogram will help to clear up the diagnosis. Aneedle biopsy would provide more information about the lump.

Where is it? Breast cancer can be located near the surface, or deeper inside the breast, close to the chest wall. It can also occur in the armpit area, where there is more breast tissue.

Treatment: The lump itself may be treated with one, or a combination of therapies:surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and hormone suppression therapy. Talking with your doctor will help you decide on the best treatment plan for your particular diagnosis.

When does it appear? Breast cancer may appear in women who are pubescent, in their fertile years, peri-menopausal, or postmenopausal.

Can breast cancer show up on a mammogram? Yes

Wow that was Miasmic!

Illustration of branched DNA with multiple bra...

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Miasms are energetic tendencies which predispose an individual towards manifesting particular illnesses. It is not a disease, it is the potential for a disease. Most are inherited or acquired & are the root cause of all chronic diseases & contributing factor toward many acute illnesses. In chronic conditions the vital forces and recuperative powers of the body have been profoundly disturbed.

Miasms may be acquired as a result of an infectious agent. They reside in the subtle bodies until their latent toxic potential is released into the cellular level of the body where disruptive changes or illness may manifest. They weaken the natural body defences in particular areas, creating a tendency toward manifesting different types of illness at a later stage.

Planetary miasms – held in the collective consciousness of the ethers.

Acquired miasms – result of acute of infectious diseases.

Inherited miasms – stored in the cellular memory of individuals. These place the organism in an energy state of potential system breakdown or illness susceptibility. They tend to impede the flow of life force into human bio-energetic system.

There are 4 basic inherited tendencies:

1)     Psora – produces irritation, inflammation, congestion & hypersensitivity

2)     Sycosis – (gonorrhoeal) leads to infiltrations, indurations & growths – cellular growth

3)     Syphilis – tends toward granulation, degeneration & ulceration – sore not healing

4)     Tubercular – tends toward tubercles, fibrosis, discharge & suppuration.

There are 5 modern acquired tendencies:

1)     Sensitivity to petrochemicals & synthetic drugs

2)     Sensitivity to radiation

3)     Sensitivity to heavy metals

4)     Sensitivity to vibrational remedies

5)     Sensitivity to vaccinations

Retroactive (acquired) inheritance factors

These are actually resonances of things that activate or aggravate miasms i.e. from previous illnesses such as chicken pox or infections, contraceptives, medications or circumstances. Not only can illness related symptoms be produced but certain viruses DNA may incorporate itself into the chromosomes of the human host and theoretically be passed on to future generations.

Future Generations

Miasms represent an energetic pathway by which events in the life of a parent can be transmitted to their offspring. By our unwillingness to handle or defuse current stressors we set up new family tendencies.

Planetary Miasms

These are miasms of our collective consciousness expressed by things like: The great depression, the holocaust, Things are so bad, self deprecation & other similar expressions & behaviours. They reflect blockages in conscious growth that mankind has not yet overcome. Our ability to resist subtle and overt attacks by microorganisms & noxious substances is a reflection of how connected we feel to our higher selves and God or The Field or whatever your belief system.

Miasms represent key issues or learning experiences which impede humanity’s progress in it’s struggle toward spiritual evolution & enlightenment.

In Kinesiology we have a finger mode dealing with something that is a triggering inheritance factor activity which we use to clear the energetic imbalance because when supressed, weakness due to inherited factors go deeper into the system.

I am heart, therefore I think !

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On matters of the heart, Heartmath are certainly one of the leaders in this field and looking at their website shows us why. In 1992 stress researcher Dr Childre who founded Heartmath investigated the notion that the heart possesses powerful wisdom that could hold the key to spontaneous evolution of our species – pretty big stuff !  Their tag line is “A change of heart, changes everything”.  The data gathered confirmed ancient wisdom about the heart’s influence on life in so much as it has a mind of it’s own. This is a pretty radical idea that our heart has a mind, don’t you think?

In the 1970’s it was discovered that the heart has it’s own nervous system and at least 40,000 neurons in the heart communicate with brain centers like the amygdala, thalamus & cerebral cortex. Further research showed that the heart doesn’t obey the brains messages but interprets them and bases a response on the person’s current emotional status. This proved ancient wisdom was even more correct about the heart being linked to perceptions and behavioural reactions. Nice work, as this confirms our link between the heart and love is real and what’s more it is biochemically measurable.

Essentially what this means is that when you focus your attention on your heart and activate a core heart feeling such as love or appreciation your heartbeat changes to a more consistant pattern which then sets off a cascade of biochemical events which in turn effects nearly every organ in your body. This reduces the fight or flight mechanisms need to fire up and increases the growth promoting activity of the parasympathetic nervous system. In other words it reduces the production of stress hormone and increases the amount of precursor to anti-aging hormone DHEA being produced. How cool is that, if we love and not hate we slow down aging – got to be better than botox or surgery, right?

Our organs and body have a electromagnetic field that surrounds them and the hearts electromagnetic activity is 5,000 times greater than that of the brain. The hearts energy field can be read up to 10ft away from the body with current technology which has shown that negative feelings from the heart cause disharmony to the field whilst positive ones of love create harmony. So, if everyone sends out emotions into their heart electromagnetic field it means that the fields cross each other as we move around in everyday life and if feelings of love become entangled does this mean that love could become contagious and spread from one person to another?

Heartmath have launched a science based worldwide experiment to test the hypothesis of whether large groups of people can influence the field. If they find that it can, just imagine what this could do for world peace. I for one am going to practice finding more self love & giving out to others via the field. Care to join me?