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Yesterday I was blessed to be asked to be part of a test group to trial some new essences and extremely grateful for the learnings I was given during the trial. The essences were recently made by a friend and fellow Kinesiologist who is an extremely beautiful and spiritual person who’s ability to give to others comes from a place of unconditional love and respect for herself and those around her. Needless to say the essences were truly amazing and I experienced healings of which I did not understand although I knew I had to forgive myself and others – What for? – that information is to come to me as I take the forgiveness essence over the next few weeks but the one thing I do know is that I need to ask the questions and meditate on them for the answers. I am looking forward to this journey and more learning.

I have just googled some FAQ on forgiveness which are definitely worth sharing and also very interesting:

What is the difference between interpersonal forgiveness and intrapersonal forgiveness?

When we practice interpersonal forgiveness, the goal is reconciliation; both parties mut be involved.

Intrapersonal forgiveness takes place only within the individual. It does not require the interaction between two parties, and reconciliation (although it may happen) is not the goal.

If I practiced forgiveness, would I be healthier?

It’s very likely that you would. Bearing a grudge and refusing to forgive can cause chronic stress to the body as well as the mind.

Lack of forgiveness can create an avalanche of stress hormones.

  • It increases production of cortisol and epinephrine, which leads
    to changes in heart rate and blood pressure.
  • It raises levels of catecholamine and CD8, which suppresses
    the immune system thus increasing the risk of viral infection.
  • Leads to the release of histamines, which can trigger severe
    bronchoconstriction in people with asthma.

Chronic stress also…

  • Alters insulin levels.
  • Alters the acid concentration in the stomach.
  • Causes plaque buildup in the arteries.
  • Causes or intensifies aches and pains.
  • Raises anxiety levels.
  • Causes depression.
  • Interferes with intimate and social relationships.
  • Affects sleep and appetite.
  • Affects job performance.

Why is forgiveness so hard?

Forgiveness may be hard because of such factors as….

  • type and length of relationship
  • history of hurtful behavior
  • perceived intentionality of the offender
  • elapsed time
  • the risk of change
  • biological deficits (see next FAQ)

What are the biological factors in forgiveness?

Brain imaging technology has shown that an unhealthy anterior cingulate gyrus and basal ganglia can cause…

    • problems in shifting attention
    • worrying, rumination
    • holding on to hurts from past – inability to relinquish grudges
    • cognitive inflexibility
    • conflict avoidance

These problems can greatly reduce an individual’s ability to forgive.

Also, researchers have associated the temporal lobes and the deep limbic system with spiritual behavior and spiritual experiences. These parts of the brain can affect…

    • personality and mood stability
    • accurate reading of social situations
    • control over temper
    • access to spiritual experience
    • positive mood and emotional tone

These factors can make it easier for an individual to forgive.

Are there psychological factors that influence the ability to forgive?

Not surprisingly, people who are inclined to forgive tend to be more emotionally stable; they are easy- going, less moody, more agreeable, and better able to handle negative emotions and criticism.

People who are inclined to forgive have a high capacity for empathy, whereas a narcissist is least likely to be able to forgive.

Narcissism is present in everyone to varying degrees. A certain degree of self-focus and self-regard is healthy. But a truly narcissistic individual – someone with a personality disorder — lacks empathy, is hypersensitive to criticism, has a sense of entitlement, and is insensitive to the needs of others. These are the individuals who, when they experience an injury, use vengeful fantasies in order to repair their self-esteem.


Why Stress Hurts Us

What you are thinking, feeling & believing is changing the genetic expression and chemical composition of your body on a moment by moment basis.

The stress hormone Cortisol has the same chemical precursors as DHEA, which is associated with many health promoting functions as well as longevity. DHEA is the most common hormone in the body and is associated with cell repair. Both Cortisol and DHEA are manufactured by the adrenal glands. When the adrenals use the precursors to make Cortisol, the stress hormone, it makes less DHEA which repairs cells. So it go’s that when we stress less and our Cortisol levels are low, the raw materials from which our bodies manufacture life giving DHEA are freed up and production of that increases.

Stressing sucks biochemical resources away from cell repair & kills brain cells. Cortisol has been shown to reduce muscle mass, increase bone loss & osteoporosis, interfere with the generation of new skin cells, increase fat accumulation around the waist & hips & reduce memory & learning ability.

Over 1,400 chemical reactions and over 30 hormones and neurotransmitters shift in response to stressful stimuli. Therefore if we de-stress ourselves using our thinking, feeling & beliefs through our attitudes, nurturing & self talk, we are taking a role in determining which chemical composition is working and changing our genetic expression for the better.

Dr Vincent Giampapa Speaks On Youthful Aging

I am a big fan of Dr Vincent Giampapa and Dr Nathan Newman as they have worked wonders for my skin and I have had more comments on how good I look in the past fortnight then I have all year. I have been using some amazing cutting edge products based on Human Stem Cell Technology & Nutrigenomics that have been developed by these doctors. You can read information on each of doctors and the products on http://www.youthspring.com.au/

The Change Agent

If you are someone that has ever wanted to change something in their life, no matter what it is, how easy have you found it? Like most people I’m guessing that sometimes change comes easily and at other times you just can’t seem to do it, no matter how hard you try. That’s probably because you don’t know what the cause and/or trigger is for whatever it is you want to change. Band aids, are just that, they don’t actually do anything to make a real, tangible & lasting difference. I am blessed to be able to offer people a helping hand to empower them to create changes that can lead to what can be life changing experiences, whether they be physically, mentally, emotionally, bio-chemically or spiritually. That helping hand comes in the form on Kinesiology . Put Yourself In Good Hands – Your Own.

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a wide-ranging therapy offering an approach to health and wellbeing that is client-centred, non-invasive, gentle and effective. It identifies the causes of disharmony, dis-ease or stress causing blocked Chi and draws on a combination of techniques to resolve and clear them, thereby allowing your body to draw on its innate ability to heal itself.

Kinesiology does not diagnose, treat or cure named diseases but aims to identify and clear underlying stress patterns within the body’s systems, organs, cells & meridians. Using muscle monitoring, Kinesiology identifies both the patterns that are blocking the body’s healing process and the best way to clear them. By clearing these patterns, it can effect change on a physical, mental, emotional, bio-chemical and spiritual level, allowing you to return to your optimal state of health and wellbeing.

What can Kinesiology help with?

Kinesiology can potentially be beneficial for any symptom. Specifically, it can particularly benefit:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Digestive issues
  • Headaches, migraines
  • Learning, memory and concentration
  • Sleep
  • Fatigue
  • Immune conditions
  • Gait, movement, and coordination
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Depression
  • Intolerances
  • Phobias
  • Addictions
  • Skin conditions
  • Counterproductive thought and behavioural patterns
  • General wellbeing
  • Chronic conditions

How can Sara help you?  

When the mind and body is viewed as an integrated whole, we are able to see that an emotional stress for example can manifest on a physical level; or vice versa. Understanding this concept and working with it, can enable you to take control of your own health and wellbeing, leading to lasting change.

My work as a Kinesiologist enables me to act as a facilitator assisting you to achieve your health & wellbeing goals. My aim is to provide an environment where you feel safe to explore what may be causing the imbalances that are impeding your ability to heal or change. Combining your information with the techniques of Kinesiology allows you to view your presenting symptom/issue within the context of your own life.

The exact technique used depends on the feedback from your body, making each session unique to you and your specific needs. The session may incorporate techniques from a wide range of sources – Eastern, Western, traditional and modern. Home reinforcement and lifestyle adjustments may also be suggested.

My desire to work with my clients to achieve their optimal health & wellbeing goals is driven by my personal experiences and as a recipient of Kinesiology. These experiences invigorated a passion within me to share with you the knowledge and understanding I have gained which has created a deeper connection with my own health and wellbeing and how to maintain it. Being part of the process that  brings my clients closer to being the best they can be, makes me grateful for the opportunity to help facilitate these outcomes.

 The Kinesiology session

The first session will start by obtaining personal information, medical history and the reason you have chosen to use Kinesiology. A postural, muscle or other assessment may be undertaken and further discussion to determine the best way to assist you. Once fully assessed, muscle monitoring will identify which techniques are required to assist your body into the best place to self heal. Generally speaking to get best results most people will require about 3 sessions however it may be more or less.


Sara has the following qualifications:

Certificate IV in Kinesiology

Currently completing Diploma in Professional Kinesiology Practice

Sara is an accredited member of:

Australian Institute of Kinesiologists

Guess what’s left when we die?

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The answer to that question is Tissue or Cell Salts, if you are cremated 

It was over a hundred years ago that a German Doctor Wilhelm Schuessler theorised that there were salts present in every cell of our bodies and if they were imbalanced it preceded disease. He claimed that cell salts helped attract and extract mineral elements form the food we eat. He isolated 12 mineral salts as essential cell nutrients and called them Tissue Salts and subsequently this became known as Nutritional Biochemistry because it deals with the chemistry of living things.

Dr Schuessler developed 5 Principles:

  1. Disease does not occur if cell activity is normal.
  2. Cell activity is normal if cell nutrition is normal.
  3. The human body requires both the complex organic compounds and inorganic (mineral) substances as cell nutrients.
  4. A mineral salt deficiency will impair the ability of cells to assimilate and utilise the organic compounds.
  5. Cell nutrition and metabolism can be revitalised by supplying the deficient mineral salts in a readily assimilable form.
The fundamental principle of the salts is adequate assimilation and this is achieved by microdoses of the salts (in a milk sugar base) which passes rapidly into the blood stream through the mucous lining of the mouth & throat. The mixtures were triturated with the base according to homepathic principles.
All 12 tissue salts are considered safe and non toxic and may be taken alone or in conjunction with each other. They are quite often used for first aid. The most generally used potency of the tablet is 6 x and people should follow the dosage on the bottles unless advised by a practitioner otherwise.
The Twelve Salts and there uses:
1) Calc Fluor (Calcium Flouride)
Gives elasticity to tissues. For Hemorrhoids, varicose veins, muscular weakness, poor circulation. For depression, groundless fears of financial ruin.
2) Calc Phos (Calcium Phosphate)
Aids assimilation of food. For sounds bones & teeth, chilblains, indigestion, lowered vitality during convalescence. When peevish, forgetful, grieving & vexation
3) Calc Sulph (Calcium Sulphate)
Blood purifier. For spots, pimples & slow healing of wounds.
4) Ferr Phos (Iron Sulphate)
Constituent of red blood cells & important in distribution of oxygen around the body. For all symptoms of inflammtion, vertigo, headaches & sunstroke
5) Kali Mur (Potassium Chloride)
Important in metabolism & clotting. For congested conditions & catarrhal discharges, headaches with vomiting. For imaginations of starving.
6) Kali Phos ( Potassium Phosphate)
A nerve nutrient. For nervous tension, depression, irritability, tension headaches. For anxiety, lethargy, nervousness, unwillingnes to meet people, night terrors & despondency over business.
7) Kali Sulph (Potassium Sulphate)
Important for healthy skin & mucous membranes. For yellowish discharges from the skin, nose, throat,brittle nails, poor condition of hair & scalp.
8) Mag Phos (Magnesium Phosphate)
Nerve & muscle nutrient. For relief of darting pains, cramps, acute spasms, hiccoughs, colic, sleeplessness on account of indigestion. For inability to think clearly, complaining all the time about pain.
9) Nat Mur (Sodium Chloride)
Controls distribution of water in tissues. Use for both dry and excessive water in system. for ill effects of grief, fright, anger, depression particularly in chronic diseases.for the awkward, hasty or those that want to cry alone, for tears with laughter.
10) Nat Phos (Sodium Phosphate)
Acid/Alkaline regulator in cells. For acidity, heartburn, indigestion, feeling dull in the morning. For fear, hearing footsteps in the next room, imagining on waking at night that pieces of furniture are turning into people.
11) Nat Sulph (Sodium Sulphate)
An excess water eliminator. For bilious conditions, colic, occipital headaches, vertigo, boring feeling in right temple, piercing pains in ear. When lively music saddens or melancholy alternates with mania. For inability to think, dislike of speaking or being spoken to. For suicidal tendency.
12) Silica (Silica Oxide)
An eliminator of waste material. For toxic accumulations, pus formations, boils, styes. When fainthearted or anxious. For headstrong children, the obstinate, those with fixed ideas, brain fog, those obsessed with their pains.

Wow that was Miasmic!

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Miasms are energetic tendencies which predispose an individual towards manifesting particular illnesses. It is not a disease, it is the potential for a disease. Most are inherited or acquired & are the root cause of all chronic diseases & contributing factor toward many acute illnesses. In chronic conditions the vital forces and recuperative powers of the body have been profoundly disturbed.

Miasms may be acquired as a result of an infectious agent. They reside in the subtle bodies until their latent toxic potential is released into the cellular level of the body where disruptive changes or illness may manifest. They weaken the natural body defences in particular areas, creating a tendency toward manifesting different types of illness at a later stage.

Planetary miasms – held in the collective consciousness of the ethers.

Acquired miasms – result of acute of infectious diseases.

Inherited miasms – stored in the cellular memory of individuals. These place the organism in an energy state of potential system breakdown or illness susceptibility. They tend to impede the flow of life force into human bio-energetic system.

There are 4 basic inherited tendencies:

1)     Psora – produces irritation, inflammation, congestion & hypersensitivity

2)     Sycosis – (gonorrhoeal) leads to infiltrations, indurations & growths – cellular growth

3)     Syphilis – tends toward granulation, degeneration & ulceration – sore not healing

4)     Tubercular – tends toward tubercles, fibrosis, discharge & suppuration.

There are 5 modern acquired tendencies:

1)     Sensitivity to petrochemicals & synthetic drugs

2)     Sensitivity to radiation

3)     Sensitivity to heavy metals

4)     Sensitivity to vibrational remedies

5)     Sensitivity to vaccinations

Retroactive (acquired) inheritance factors

These are actually resonances of things that activate or aggravate miasms i.e. from previous illnesses such as chicken pox or infections, contraceptives, medications or circumstances. Not only can illness related symptoms be produced but certain viruses DNA may incorporate itself into the chromosomes of the human host and theoretically be passed on to future generations.

Future Generations

Miasms represent an energetic pathway by which events in the life of a parent can be transmitted to their offspring. By our unwillingness to handle or defuse current stressors we set up new family tendencies.

Planetary Miasms

These are miasms of our collective consciousness expressed by things like: The great depression, the holocaust, Things are so bad, self deprecation & other similar expressions & behaviours. They reflect blockages in conscious growth that mankind has not yet overcome. Our ability to resist subtle and overt attacks by microorganisms & noxious substances is a reflection of how connected we feel to our higher selves and God or The Field or whatever your belief system.

Miasms represent key issues or learning experiences which impede humanity’s progress in it’s struggle toward spiritual evolution & enlightenment.

In Kinesiology we have a finger mode dealing with something that is a triggering inheritance factor activity which we use to clear the energetic imbalance because when supressed, weakness due to inherited factors go deeper into the system.

What the “bleep” is Nutrigenomics?

It is now accepted that a person’s state-of-health arises from the dynamic interaction of environmental factors with his or her genetic uniqueness. These factors can positively or negatively impact the extent to which people will realize their genetic potential.

Nutrition & Healthy Genomics, Proteomics, and Metabolomics
It has been demonstrated that nutritional factors have a major influence on healthy gene expression (genomics), protein synthesis (proteomics), and metabolism (metabolomics), as pictured below. As a result, a new patient-centered health care is emerging that will rely upon nutrition and other modifiable lifestyle factors to help people achieve optimal genetic expression.

The Future is here

The specific fields of genome health nutrigenomics and genome health nutrigenetics are emerging as important new research areas because it is becoming increasingly evident that (a) damage to genome is the most fundamental disease; (b) risk for developmental and degenerative disease increases with DNA damage which in turn is dependent on nutritional status and (c) optimal dietary intake and tissue concentration of micronutrients for prevention of genome damage is dependent on genetic polymorphisms that alter function of genes involved directly or indirectly in uptake and metabolism of micronutrients and those genes required for DNA repair and DNA replication.

Development of dietary patterns, functional foods and supplements that are designed to improve genome health maintenance in humans with specific genetic backgrounds may provide an important contribution to a new optimum health strategy based on the diagnosis and individualised nutritional prevention of genome instability.

The most exciting thing is that we can now purchase Nutrigenomic based nutritional products that are specifically formulated for Anti-Aging. If you are interested in more information about this, review the AM/PM product information on www.youthspring.com.au

For a little light relief on what can be a very scientific topic Matt Barnett singing the Epigenome Song


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