I Can Change My Mind

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I invite you to have a single thought, any thought. Whether your thought was related to a feeling of happiness, sadness, anger, inspiration or even sexual arousal, you changed your body. You changed you. All thoughts whether they be “I can” “I can’t”, “I love you”, “I’m not good enough” have the same measurable effects. As you sit here reading this blog, your body is undergoing a host of dynamic changes triggered by your most recent thought.

Your pancreas and adrenal glands are already secreting a few new hormones, your brain just surged with an increase in electrical current releasing thousands of neurochemicals. Your spleen and thymus gland sent out a mass email to your immune system to make a few modifications. Several different gastric juices started flowing. Your liver began processing enzymes that were not present moments before. Your heart rate fluctuated, your lungs altered their stroke volume, and blood flow to the capillaries in your hands and feet changed. All from thinking just one thought. You are that powerful!

Whether we like it or not, once a thought happens in the brain, the rest is history. All of the bodily reactions that  occur from both our intentional or unintentional thinking unfold behind the scenes of our awareness. Amazingly enough the unconscious brain holds 80% of our thoughts and feelings and only 20% sit in our conscious brain. So, is it possible that we can train our body to be unhealthy by our repeated thoughts and reactions?

I want you to pay attention, become aware and listen. Can you hear the hum of the refrigerator or maybe the sound of a passing car or a distant bird? How about your own heart beating? Just by shifting your attention to those moments you caused a power surge of electricity in millions of brain cells right inside your own head. By choosing to modify your awareness, you changed your brain.
Not only did you change how your brain was working moments ago, but how it will work in the next moment, and possibly for the rest of your life. You did that of your own free will, by changing your focus. You quite literally changed your mind.

If are awareness is so mobile, why is it hard to keep our attention on thoughts that might serve us? Right now, as you continue to concentrate on this page, you might have forgotten about the pain in your lower back, or the argument you had with your boss or even what gender you are. It is where you place your attention and on what you place your attention on that maps the very course of our state of being. For example at any given moment you could think about a bitter memory from your past that has been tattooed in the intimate folds of your grey matter and like magic it comes to life. You could also think about something that may or may not happen in the future and anxieties and worries that do not readily exist are conjured up by your mind. Our attention brings everything to life and makes real what was previously unnoticed or unreal.

The good news is that you are a work in progress – the brain cells that make up who you are are constantly in flux. Brain cells are constantly remolded and re-organised by your thoughts and experiences. If you accept the notion that your brain is still changing as you read this blog, you can easily see that your parents, teachers, neighbours, friends, family and culture have all contributed to who you are today. It is our senses through our vast experiences that write the story of who we are on our mind.

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