Happy Birthday To Me

November 2, a special day for many reasons not least of which it is the day that I entered into this world. Who would have known back then the journey I was destined to take would lead me to where I am now. Having lived on 3 continents, shared my life with many amazing people and been blessed with opportunities that some people only to get to dream of, my life is just that – fulfillment of my hopes and dreams. Lucky? Maybe, but it has not been without some challenges and hard work on my behalf to arrive at this destination.

So here I am, a Scorpio…..In this case not one that you might typically think of, but one never the less. Having read below I can definitely resonate with being secretive, feeling things intensely, being intuitive, compassionate & empathetic, strength in the face of adversity, brave & cool under pressure, self sacrificing, independent & hardworking. I also need to trust someone before I can give of myself but when I do I am fiercely loyal, dependable & protective.

I am me whatever my descriptor, and today I celebrate my life with self love, compassion & learning – Happy Birthday To Me !

Scorpio Symbol

Scorpio Personality

Scorpios are ambitious, intriguing, discerning and magnetic to others. They feel everything intensely and are able to penetrate the depths of experience.

Known for their sharp minds and shrewd intellects, Scorpios like to explore the profound in life and have little interest in small talk.

Secretive and Intuitive

Most Scorpios are highly intuitive and thus are good at solving mysteries and puzzles. They have a knack for figuring out what is going on behind the scenes in any given situation and a talent for discerning the feelings and motives of other people predicting what their next moves will be. This ability can make them either very compassionate and empathic or very cruel and vindictive, because they know where other people’s weak points are.

Scorpios are secretive, yet other people tend to tell them their own secrets. This often puts Scorpio in the role of counselor. Scorpios are excellent judges of character, and most Scorpios have plenty of sympathy for those who truly deserve it, but no sympathy or patience for whiners and people who are the authors of their own misfortune.

A Tendency Toward Extremes

Scorpios are extremists. Everything they do is all-or-nothing. They tend to be courageous physical risk takers. If the ascendant or moon falls in a fire sign, Scorpios are usually interested in extreme sports.

Scorpios also have incredible endurance, though they are inclined to be hypochondriacs or suffer from hard-to-diagnose symptoms when under stress. Obsessions and compulsions are also common among Scorpios.

Strength in the Face of Adversity

Scorpios can tolerate a lot of hardship and they can manage under the worst of conditions. They are good at overcoming obstacles and turning change and challenge to their advantage, which is useful because Scorpios tend to attract sudden changes and endure more than their fair share of hardship.

Scorpios are extremely persistent, and will go after what they want with a fierce determination that is often rewarded. They are survivors, and adversity only makes them stronger.

Brave and Cool Under Pressure

The sign of Scorpio rules over death, rebirth and the occult, and Scorpios are often interested in these subjects. They are not afraid of the things most people fear, and they are able to intellectually explore subjects such as death that most other people avoid. Scorpios can experience a lot of anxiety, but not usually over the things that make other people anxious.

Most Scorpios are not squeamish, which fits them for careers in medicine and rescue operations. They are cool under pressure and almost always in control of themselves, which makes them good spies and police officers.

Need for Power and Control

All signs have a bright side and a dark side, but with Scorpio, these sides are more pronounced. Scorpios don’t like to show any weakness. They are cautious about what they show to the world. This is due both to an unusually strong desire for power and a fear of others having power over them. The need to be in control at all times can cause problems when Scorpios deal with authority figures.

Prone to Suspicion and Vengefulness

Scorpios are often suspicious of others and many have a strong jealous streak or a tendency to attract very jealous partners, which can lead to severely flawed relationships characterized by fighting and strife. Scorpios can also be inflexible, resentful and vindictive unless the ascendant falls in a gentler sign such as Libra.

Anyone who tries to dominate or harm a Scorpio will soon feel the sting. Scorpios can be vicious and vengeful. They are unforgiving and feel a need to take revenge when they or those they care about have been wronged. As such, Scorpios who lack a conscience can be exceptionally dangerous. However, most Scorpios have very well-developed consciences and are inclined to be harder on themselves than on others. Ultimately, Scorpios fall to one of two extremes: either they represent the height of integrity or the depth of diabolical cunning.


Toward those for whom they have sympathy, Scorpios are fiercely protective, compassionate and self-sacrificing. They will risk their lives unthinkingly to protect those they care about.

When Scorpios have an altruistic ascendant such as Aries or Leo, the combination of self-sacrifice and courage may draw them to “rescuer” careers such as police officer, fireman, coast guard or paramedic.

Intriguing and Wary

Scorpios often have piercing eyes and a powerful gaze. Their personalities are magnetic and seductive. People tend to find them interesting because they reveal little but are usually very deep.

Scorpios are slow to trust new people, and it takes a long time for them to reveal just a few of their secrets or make themselves vulnerable in any way. Others are often intrigued but also frustrated by the Scorpio’s carefully constructed emotional defenses.

Independent and Hard Working

Self-employment suits the Scorpio personality, as Scorpios don’t like to have anyone telling them what to do. They are hard workers on their own, however, and excellent researchers. This talent for research often extends to investigative ability.

Unless the ascendant falls in a more careless sign, Scorpios are responsible, and can almost always be counted on to do what they say they’ll do. They don’t just talk idly; they put their plans into action, which is one of their great strengths. Most are practical, reliable and good with money. They are also forceful and exhibit great willpower, which increases their likelihood of success in the long run.

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  1. Cuddle Labs
    Nov 04, 2011 @ 20:54:35

    Happy Birthday, Sara!

    And thanks for your kind words on our blog! 🙂


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