Gems have life in them: their colours speak, what words fail of

Gem essences react on vibrational energy of the body, including the aura, chakras & meridians. Their healing effect is mainly used for emotional, mental & spiritual aspects of the person.

QUARTZ:-  Amethyst: Click to ZOOM

Gems are related to the light spectrum. When white light is passed thru a prism it breaks it down into 7 component colours: violet, indigo, blue, green, orange & red. Each colour has it’s own vibration rate or frequency. The crystalline structures in the human body (cell salts, fatty tissue, lymph, red & white cells & pineal gland) magnify the vibrational frequency and allow it to be assimilated at correct frequencies, stimulating the discharge of toxicity to create health. They also contain a stable element or set pattern of molecular activity that may act as a set frequency to amplify the vibration of other life forms. The ability of crystals to heal is based upon the transference of this stable form of molecular structure. The crystalline network of the human body assists in translating & distributing the subtle energies of gems & gem essences.

QUARTZ:- Rose Quartz: Click to ZOOM

How gem essences are made

They are made from crystals or gems which are never crushed or intentionally damaged in any way. The crystal or gem is sterilised & cleared (of other energies) then placed in a sterilised container containing pure filtered or distilled water. The container is placed in sunlight or moonlight to transfer the energy of the crystal into the pure water. This energised water becomes the mother essence from which stock is made.

Watermelon Tourmaline: Click to ZOOM

Individual 40 Gem essences …

Agate Brings emotional security , spiritual insight & alleviates inner turmoil.
AQUAMARINE Improves tolerance & patience in the emotions.
Amazonite Brings new awareness, meaning in life & direction.
Amber Brings serenity & emotional harmony, whilst soothing & nurturing.
Amethyst Calms, enhances spirituality, brings healing during sleep.
Azurite Brings tenderness, purpose, confidence, leadership skills.
Bloodstone Raises consciousness, sweeps the heavy feeling away.
Calcite Clarity, lightness, fulfilment, purity & assists astral projection.
Carnelian Motivation, release, initiates transformation, joy & freedom.
Chrysocolla Lightness of heart, spiritual safety, abund’, gentleness.
Citrine Energising, enhances creativity, self esteem, security, calm & control.
Coral Balancing, acceptance of self & others, good for children, energy stores.
Diamond Brings back a sparkle, strength, positive energy, spiritual ecstasy.
Dioptase Support & focus, assists to release the past to enable you to move on.
Emerald Greater insight, improves intuition & clairvoyance, dreams.
Fluorite Spiritual awareness, solid foundations, unconditional love, concepts.
Garnet Self respect, imagination, upliftment, courage, compassion, success.
Gold Satisfaction & positivity, eases the load when feeling overburdened.
Herkimer Diamond Direction, happiness, serenity, upliftment & clarity.
Jade Inner peace, tranquillity, achievement & Synchronicity. Feeling supported.
Jasper Grounding, energising, patience, tolerance & understanding, past lives.
Lapis Lazuli self worth, spiritual purity, direction, integrity, wisdom & light. An emotional haven.
Malachite General well being, spiritual maturity, meaning in life.
Moonstone Intuition, removes anxiety. Assists integration & harmony.
Opal Psychic awareness, spontaneity, sensitivity, calms overwrought states.
Peridot Confidence, connection, awareness of self & others, self worth.
Pyrite Increase harmony, practicality, confidence, softens attitudes & words.
Quartz Crystal Energy, insight, upliftment, reconnects life purpose. Rhodonite mental rest & peace, insight, refreshing & stimulating.
Rose Quartz Clears imbalanced emotions & traumas the heart is carrying.
Ruby Sets a healing process in motion, brings strength & personal empowerment.
Rutilated Quartz communication, relieves burdens, enhances life force.
Sapphire Concentration, clarity of life purpose, serenity & intense love.
Smoky Quartz Self love, completion of one cycle of life, uplifting.
Sodalite Imparts youth & freshness, relieves a heavy heart, effervescence.
Sugilite Protects psychic centres, brings spiritual truth & enlightened energy.
Tiger Eye Centres & balances thoughts & emotions. Helps manifestations.
Tourmaline Self assurance, balance, a cleanser for the entire existence
Turquoise Courage, success, personal power & strength of own convictions.

Zircon Increases vitality, all round healer, reflects about the good things in life.

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