A Sunday Natter from the Desk of Sara

Grow Up Among Environment

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I was surfing and came across this blog this morning


which made me think about children and how quickly they grow up these days and don’t seem to have chance to grow and develop in their innocence.  When growing up I remember the most important thing to me was how long I could play outside with my friends before my mum or dad called time for dinner. My world didn’t include fashion, make-up, handbags, latest shoes, boys, sex or drugs. It was building a pond with plastic bin bags to grow tadpoles into frogs or making daisy chain necklaces to give to our nearest & dearest.

What happened to those days? Now I am lucky to find a child that knows what a tadpole is let alone the joy of watching them grow and develop into a frog and marvel at the day by day changes that occur in awe and wonderment. No, today there is obsession with clothes, shoes, make-up, the opposite sex, mobile phones, computers and god forbid if they run out of credit to text or can’t get on to facebook – all hell breaks loose. They miss out on the wonders of nature and the simple things in life unless of course they live it via the internet.

So, thinking about this more, what I see children missing out on is the touch, sight, smell & sound of life’s innocent things which ultimately lead to feelings / emotions which help us to distinguish our choices in childhood but also affect our perceptions and choices later in life. Maybe this is why choosing in life can be so difficult for people because they don’t know how to feel the choice. After all, feeling creates change.

Amazing what reading some else’s blog can bring up for you on a Sunday morning !!


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