Flower Power

I have been using some flower essences on myself recently with great results so thought I would share a bit about this therapy with you. A lot of Kinesiologists like myself, use essences, which come in different forms and are used for different reasons but this blog concentrates on Flower Power:

Modern history of flower essences started with Dr Edward Bach from 1928-1936. He practiced othrodox medicine from 1914-1918 and then a homeopath from 1919-1930. Whilst in Wales in 1928 he acquired two flowers Impatients and Mimulus which he homeopathically prepared & used clinically with excellent results so in 1930 he quit his practice and moved to the countryside to develop his new healing system. He made 39 Bach Flower Remedies. Bach understood that the underlying moods or states of mind that different types of people experience are a key cause of most disease. Bach flower remedies assist in balancing negative emotional states to stop it forming physical dis-ease.

Bach felt that the disease was caused by failure of the physical personality (the ego) to behave in accordance with the wishes, desires and altruistic service oriented motivation of the higher self. Our conscious quite often fails to perceive the inter-connectedness of life at subtle energy level. When we feel disconnected from our higher self we feel lonely and a sense of isolation.

Shamanic work is based on plants & earth being able to receive our thoughts and emotions which can either stimulate or depress an area. Every living thing leaves behind it a magnetic energy line and if a particular path is taken time after time it creates a permanent energy imprint. In co-operating with nature we are not co-operating with a non-conscious partner. Mental impulses & emotional powers are present in plants – they have an instinctive will to survive. Plants in flowing vibration is slow but their out flowing vibration is faster and the faster the outflow vibration, the greater help the plant is in easing disease in humans.

Essences speed up and clarify your thoughts so be prepared for the Law of Polarity to come in to operation. It says that in order to learn things the opposite needs to be learnt from experience. Don’t ask unless you are ready – if you ask for patience you will activate all patience tests needed to teach you this quality – expect encounters with rude people & intolerable situations to deal with.

Energy follows thought. You think the same thought again and again, and more energy follows. Then you get what you concentrate on – good or bad. Your thoughts are accompanied by feelings, and those you dwell on, consciously or subconsciously, build the nearest available equivalent experience that life can offer you. The answer is thoughts – positive ones, repeated and varied but always having the same theme. Until we get to the stage where we watch our thoughts, one by one, ready to toss out the ones we don’t want the moment they are thought, we use essences.

Essences are continual repetition. The same themes over and over but at different levels. Three themes are:

Look at your fears

Forgive yourself

Forgive others

As insight comes at one level (more a spiral level than vertical) it presents itself. For every negative emotion or thought, there is an opposite waiting quietly in the background for it’s moment.

Flower Essences:

  • Bypass the conscious mind
  • Access the intuitive mind
  • The therapist is the interpreter of the essence
  • You empower yourself as you choose the essences taking the first step in responsibility for healing yourself
  • As you choose you gain other gifts from the universe. Your recognition that there is more to know about yourself than from your conscious mind, leads to other intuitive knowing being given by you.

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