On the question of morality?

On the question of morality there is a saying “Moral issues are man made, God is impartial”  So does this mean that a person full of moral concepts is judgmental & condemning?

I would say that people who make mistakes are not bad or evil, they simply do not understand life, well more accurately their own life. If you showed understanding at times when mistakes are made, would your motto be “As you are, you are welcome”. If you judged someone who made a mistake would you be increasing the energy of self hatred in yourself and within them and hardening the outer personality shell? Maybe they had just forgotten who they were – a spiritual being of body-mind & soul, as we all are.

Remember what you see in others is present in you, that’s why you can recognise it – both good and bad. Maybe it is present or there is a “fear of” if viewed as bad. So is your morality born of love and understanding or do you see something else in the mirror of you?



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